10 Creative Uses for Rugs

Isaac Judd June 15, 2016

10 Creative Uses for Rugs

Think that throw rug is only for the floor? Think again! There are so many ways to use beautifully Test designed rugs around the home, cheap mlb jerseys it’s a shame to let them languish on the floor. Here are some of the most inspired Der ways we’ve found to use your favorite rugs.

  1. Soften stairs with a runner

Runners don’t have to be saved for hallways. They’re a perfect Veranda solution to soften a staircase. Take it a step further by choosing a strong geometrical pattern that’ll amp wholesale jerseys up your style.

  1. Make a stylish pillow

Small rugs are the perfect size to transform into statement-piece pillows for your couch or bed. Simply fold in half, insert a pillow and stitch it shut. Don’t have Как sewing skills? You can glue them together with fabric glue. Blog Done!

  1. Instant wall art

If you’ve got a big, blank wall staring you in the face, why not ditch several Qssa.Com small, framed pieces for one large bold piece? So many rugs are designed with beautiful colors and patterns it’s a shame not to treat them like the art they really are. Go ahead and fill a wall with a graphic rug you really love.

  1. Upholster a chair or headboard

Decorative rugs are the perfect weight to use as upholstery fabric, so why not turn a chair or ottoman into a statement piece? The same goes for headboards. Fabric headboards have become hugely popular, so use a pretty rug to make it both soft and beautiful.

  1. Use it as a throw

Lightweight rugs cheap jerseys can be just the perfect size to use as a throw on your bed or couch.

  1. Trade up your yoga mat

Who wants a plain old spongy yoga cheap nba jerseys mat when you can have a more comfortable and stylish one? Be the envy of your class by using a soft runner with a rubber back for your next yoga session.

  1. Dress up a table

Pretty blankets have become a popular alternative to tablecloths. Why can’t rugs be, too? A lightweight rug makes cheap NBA jerseys the perfect topper for your next dinner party. If you have smaller area rugs, you can also turn them into placemats.

  1. Soundproof doors

Why settle for plain white interior doors? Go a step further and dress them up with a decorative rug. As a bonus, it’s the perfect way to add extra soundproofing to a bedroom 1 or office.

  1. Make a pet bed

Don’t limit the fun to just the humans. If you’ve got a rug you wholesale MLB jerseys love that has seen better days, why not turn it into a pet bed for your dog or cat? Rugs can stand up to the abuse a pet can dish out. Simple fold your rug in half, fill with stuffing and stitch, or stitch two complementary rugs together to add variety.

  1. Turn your world upside down

Ever feel like dancing on the ceiling? Think how much easier it will be if you attach a rug! Seriously, though, ceilings can be so boring, wouldn’t it be fun to attach one of your favorite rugs? This can work wholesale jerseys especially well over a bed, so you’re always sure to enjoy it. It can also add soundproofing should there be another room over yours.

Don’t be afraid to step outside the box when it comes to your favorite rugs! Whether you use them as upholstery, art or something else, wholesale Minnesota Vikings jerseys let your imagination be your guide.

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