Estelle Birch was born and raised in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. After graduating from Oregon State University, she moved to Tucson, Arizona. Estelle spent a wonderful 7 years there, before moving to the magical island of Hawaii.  After 8 years on Big Island, she followed her dreams and now lives part year in Eugene, Oregon and part year on the Big Island. Estelle comes from a background of 20+ years in customer service and brings excellent communication and ideas to support and deliver preferred results to her real estate clients. Estelle loves nature, people, art, yoga, and design.

Estelle’s creativity and steadfast commitment to complete projects gives her a unique ability to listen to clients needs and bring them to fruition. She entered the real estate world in order to help people  make their dreams come true. Estelle loves sunsets, plants, gardening, cooking, dancing, and living in beautiful Hawaii and gorgeous Oregon. She lives with her husband and her furry family. Whether it is selling, buying, or investing. Estelle looks forward to hearing from you!