I love hearing what home means to people! Being able to help folks achieve home-ownership and watch them turn a house into their home is very rewarding for me. I believe our surroundings affect every aspect of our lives, our thought processes, and our health.

When I’m not assisting clients, I’m involved in large home renovation projects. Rebuilding residential spaces gives me firsthand experience of how a house is built, and I love exercising my creating muscle, transforming homes into functional and beautiful spaces. When I need a break from my professional life, I’m usually outside enjoying a hike or bicycle ride, camping, or perhaps visiting one of our amazing wineries. I might also be home on my yoga mat or in my garden.

My renovation knowledge and understanding how a house is built becomes very useful during the home search, listing, and negotiation processes as well as digesting and conveying the inspection reports. Helping clients obtain their real estate goals brings me fulfillment and I am grateful for these lasting relationships. In my professional experience communication and attention to detail Is everything. I am committed to keeping my eyes on your entire transaction process so you can be relaxed and confident, knowing that you are in good hands.

Whether you are purchasing or selling a home, I will be proud to be your trusted real estate advisor every step of the way. Because the heart of my business is you!